Elopement Photography Prices: How Much Does An Elopement Photographer Cost?

Whether you are getting married in your own backyard or eloping at Joshua Tree, you are going to want photos to capture the day forever! And that means you need to figure out elopement photography prices so you can have photos you love.

So how much does an elopement photographer cost? Let’s break it down.

Elopement Photography Costs


There are several things to factor in when considering the cost of an elopement photographer. Their experience, where you are eloping, the logistics of getting to (and from) your destination, the value they offer, hourly coverage… just to name a few.

Let’s break this down!

Hiring On Experience

Any elopement photographer worth their salt is going to cost, at a minimum, $3,300. That’s because they have the experience to back up their pricing.

Their photography style, how long they have been doing it, and understanding the value they offer are a few indicators to look out for in a photographer for elopements.

Also, just check out their work! (Not just their best work they show online – actually look at a full gallery!)

Where Are You Eloping?


You may not have thought of this already. When you hire an elopement photographer, you and your fiancé aren’t the only ones arriving at the destination!

Logistics play a major role in elopement photography prices. If you are getting married one state over, a short (or long) drive may be enough to get your photographer to where you are eloping.

If, on the other hand, you are eloping up in Alaska – you can bet your bottom dollar you will be flying your girl there! Or anyone for that matter! That would be a heck of a drive!

The Value They Offer

Value isn’t only found in tangible things – though your photos are quite tangible when you get them in print!

It’s also about the experience! (Woah, bringing it back full-circle, I know!)

What does a great, and valuable offer look like? Well, it goes beyond the photos.

It’s about the memories made along the way – how you are treated as a couple – how YOU are valued!  I hate to say it, but when the elopement photographer cost is low (meaning they don’t value themselves), then they aren’t going to value you as you deserve either.

Elopement Photography Prices Rely On Hourly Coverage


Now, earlier I said an elopement photographer is going to cost at least $3,300 at a minimum.

What does a minimum look like?

It depends, but you can guess it’s going to be at least around 4 hours of coverage.

So what if you want more coverage? Say 6 hours, or 8? Perhaps even full day coverage?

Well, you are going to end up paying more.

And that’s not even getting into the costs of engagement photos.

But if you value it enough, it’s worth every penny. Because these are the photos you are going to have and to hold…til death do you part!

Elopements are kind of my thing, babe. And I want you to have a memorable experience!

So, I want you to check out my work, learn more about Sincerely Lindsay Photography, and if you feel you would LOVE to be my friend, then contact me and we’ll talk about next steps!

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