Photographer for Elopement: What to Look For

Finding the right photographer for elopement photography is everything when it comes to planning your elopement! Think about it – you are taking the time to go off to some magical mountain or field in the middle of nowhere in your wedding dress…it would be a sin to not have beautiful photos you love!

And there lies the issue – what do you look for in a photographer for elopement?

Here are a few of my thoughts…

Hiring a Photographer for Elopement


Choosing a Style of Photography

It won’t take you but a few searches, and you’ll find that there is a wide variety of photographers out there! The first thing you will notice is the style of photography.

From light and airy, dark and moody, or anywhere in between, you’ll see different styles. Find what resonates with you!

Hiring for Experience

Some photographers have done a few elopements – others specialize in them. What matters, however, is that you find someone who does have experience with them!

While you may find a photographer you absolutely love, it is very possible they have never photographed an elopement! (Friend, that means they won’t know what to expect at your gorgeous location – and you don’t want to risk that!)

The right photographer will even be able to help you plan for the logistical parts of your elopement like helping with: permits, marriage licenses, accommodations, local experiences to the area, what to pack, and so much more!

That said, everyone starts somewhere (I too once had never photographed an elopement). And going with someone new may save you some money if you are on a budget.

Let’s talk about that…

Understanding Budgets


Friend, when I first started, my packages were embarrassingly low for a sustainable business – but the price was perfect for a couple putting up with the risk of a new photographer!

You see, there is a myriad of things that could factor into the cost of an elopement photographer:

  • How much experience does the photographer has
  • Costs of equipment
  • Amount of planning for the shoot
  • Photographer for elopement experience
  • Etc.

If I had to break it down, you could expect a beginner to cost around $1,000 – $1,500, whereas a photographer who specializes in only elopements will start at $4,500.

For a frame of reference, I would say you can expect to pay $3,500 at a minimum for an experience you would love!

Which, to have an experience you will love, you need to ask one thing.

Are You A Right Fit For Each Other?

It doesn’t matter if you think my photos are the bomb dot com – if we aren’t the right fit for each other, then the experience will not be one you love.

That goes for any photographer.

When you meet with your elopement photographer, you need to be very honest with yourself and ask one thing…

“Regardless of price and style, is this photographer a right fit for my dream elopement?”

You’ll know the answer babe. Because if there is the slightest hint that the photographer is not for you, then your search must go on.

P.S. If you think we’d be a great fit for each other, I’d love to talk with you and hear about your elopement!

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