Navarre Beach Wedding: Kristine & JJ [Elopement]

When it comes to a beach wedding, Navarre Beach ranks among one of the most beautiful places to elope. So, when Kristine and JJ came to me about their desire to have a Navarre Beach Elopement, I was one-hundred percent on board with helping make this happen.

Navarre Beach Elopement : About Kristine and JJ

Wedding dress at Navarre Beach
DIY Bouquet for Beach Elopement

The quick version of how Kristine and JJ met is fairly typical – they knew people, who knew people, who then connected them together.

But the added element to this story is what really connected them…puppies!

When the two of them started “talking” as a couple, it actually happened because the two of them tried to adopt the same dog.

Rather than fight over the dog, the two of them started dating – and their pup gets to have double the love!

sister of the bride helping her get ready for her Navarre Beach wedding
sister of the bride helping her get ready for her Navarre Beach wedding

Planning Their Navarre Beach Wedding

Sincerely Lindsay Photography was the photographer and friend of this bride for her Navarre Beach wedding

After some time of dating – of course it came down to JJ proposing to Kristine!

But, like many couples post-2020, they realized they didn’t want an intricate wedding.

Instead, they wanted to focus on something that felt truly intimate and relaxed.

Which is why they landed on having an elopement at Navarre Beach instead of having an extravagant affair.

As many couples find, however, planning an elopement can often lead to unforeseen problems.

During the planning process of their elopement, they ran into family members wanting to attend and celebrate with them.

While that isn’t anything bad, it’s not what JJ and Kristine wanted.

Groom before seeing his bride during their elopement
groom blindfolded for first look at Navarre Beach wedding
sequence of bride taking off blindfold during first look
bride and groom standing together

Their goal was simple: avoid unnecessary stress, and focus completely on each other. This meant that attendance to their wedding was limited to JJ, Kristine, her sister, and myself! (Honestly, the honor I have as an elopement photographer is so humbling and beautiful!)

This was a difficult decision for the two of them to make, because they did not want to exclude their family.

While they were certain in their decision, I still found it important to affirm them. Couples can often find themselves wrapped up in the politics of wedding planning, that they forget that the wedding is about their love – not their guests.

I know that sometimes my clients just need another cheerleader in their corner – which I’m always happy to be!

bride looking at camera
Navarre Beach wedding elopement
Navarre Beach elopement standing by old canons

The Ceremony

On the day of the wedding, we all woke up together and had a head start to our morning.

It was beautiful, because even before the start of the day began, the couple spent time together on the beach – reflecting on the day ahead of them .

bride and groom elopement walking to the beach

When it was time to begin getting ready, there was no stress.

In fact, the entire day was low key and truly magical!

From Kristine’s sister helping her into her dress from David’s Bridal – their first look – their vows they wrote and put in a bottle! All of it!

And to top it all off, an Italian dinner at a restaurant in Pensacola afterward!

Kristine and JJ, your Navarre Beach wedding was absolutely beautiful, and I’m so blessed to have been a part of it.

Thank you so much for trusting me as your photographer.

bride and groom saying vows at Navarre Beach wedding
Kristine (bride) listening to JJ (groom) tell her his vows
bride telling groom vows on beach elopement
standing barefoot on the beach while eloping
putting the ring on during elopement ceremony
First kiss after saying vows to each other on the beach
bride and groom in Navarre Beach parking lot
bride and groom holding each other on the boardwalk at Navarre Beach
Bride and groom walking together on the boardwalk
handwritten vows for Navarre Beach wedding
bride and groom walking on the sands of Navarre Beach after eloping
bride and groom sitting on driftwood on beach at Navarre Beach
groom intimately holding bride's face as they laugh together
bride and groom putting vows in a bottle on the beach
groom rolling up paper to put in bottle
black and white photo of bride and groom kissing each other on the beach
grice and groom walking through the water at there Navarre Beach wedding
bride and groom playing in the ocean together
bride walking through the ocean on her wedding day
bride and groom holding hands on the beach
bride and groom running along the shores of Navarre Beach wedding

P.S. If you think we’d be a great fit for each other, I’d love to talk with you and hear about your elopement!

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